Improve overall customer experience, create efficient use of unused and underutilised space and maximise the profitability of your car parks with our .Management solution.

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.Management in a nutshell

We put the best matched parking spaces in front of an online audience of drivers looking to search, book and park hassle-free.



Our research and development is driven by a focus on revenue generation for our clients and uses industry leading technology as an enabler.



Unlock valuable data on occupancy levels and car park usage statistics to accurately and efficiently plan for future revenue growth opportunities.



Utilise data and trend analysis features to accurately forecast car park usage and generate maximum profitability for your parking assets.

Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR)

Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) parking systems are a reliable, accurate and cost effective off-street car park management solution. ANPR systems currently serve a broad range of industry groups including supermarkets, retail parks, hotels, hospitals and leisure centres.

Integrating your ANPR system with our .Connect and .Reservation solutions allows YourParkingSpace to sell your unused and underutilised parking spaces to drivers, track their arrival and departure times and provide detailed customer information in real-time, keeping you on top of who should and shouldn't be using your spaces.

FREE Equipment, installation & maintenance

With no initial investment required, this package is convenient for end users to improve traffic flow in car parks across the nation.

Acquire the latest equipment in your car park and have it installed and maintained for FREE. What's in it for us? Integratable technology allows us to provide access to your underutilised parking spaces with minimal to no manual administration requirements.

Principle features

CCTV style cameras are placed at the entrance and exit of a car park enabling time-stamped photographs to be taken of arriving and departing vehicles, and automatically calculating duration of stay.

Online reservation or pay and display machines accept payment and acknowledge the time of purchase, cross-referencing this with the vechicles actual stay as recorded by the cameras.

If a vehicle has exceeded the duration of the paid time, inclusive of an agreed ‘grace period’, the driver will be required to pay an excess parking charge upon exit.

Top benefits of entrusting YourParkingSpace
with your management

  • 1

    It’s Free!

    No supply/installation/maintenance costs

  • 2

    Maximise Profitability

    Live occupancy reporting allows the sale of surplus space

  • 3


    Parking areas managed 24/7 with round-the-clock support

  • 4

    Technology Driven

    Parking offences are automatically generated and issued

  • 5

    Data Driven

    Comprehensive management reporting 

  • 6

    Integrated Technology

    Intergated with online resevation and pay on foot solutions

Please note that our management solutions are powered by our preferred enforcement partners

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